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Graham Price - Social Style Master Certified Trainer

As a distributor of TRACOM Products, based

in the United Kingdom I can provide you with

SOCIAL STYLE Training Programmes, as well

as SOCIAL STYLE Profiles to use directly in

your company. As a Master Certified Trainer

much of my time is spent training facilitators

how to use Social Style in their organisations

There are many profiling tools and psychometrics on the market yet SOCIAL STYLE is the most widely used tool of its kind in the world. The This is because it is easy to use, simple to understand, easy to implement and has over 40 years of research from TRACOM to ensure the validity of the model


The Benefits

Successful businesses begin with successful individuals and teams. If you equip your people to understand each other’s behaviours, they will be better able to work effectively together, creating a high performance workplace. Since the 1960s, millions have used SOCIAL STYLEsm and Versatility to impact workplace performance.


SOCIAL STYLE is the world's most effective interpersonal effectiveness model. It is BEHAVIOURAL based, focusing on OBSERVABLE behaviours.

The profiles measure across 3 distinct areas RESPONSIVENESS, ASSERTIVENESS and VERSATILITY which is closely linked with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. It's easy-to-understand and apply, which means individuals and organisations can quickly improve productivity simply by understanding the the key elements of SOCIAL STYLE

Driving  - Expressive  - Amiable  - Analytical

For more detail about the four unique elements of SOCIAL STYLE follow this link to my main Social Style Website.

What is Versatility?

This is a key element of the SOCIAL STYLE Model and is a measurement of the ability of individuals to work productively with others.  A person's Versatility is actually a far better predictor of business success than their SOCIAL STYLEsm.  Click here to learn more about Versatility.

Recognising your SOCIAL STYLE

You can identify your SOCIAL STYLE and level of Versatility using a variety of TRACOM instruments. Choose from self-rater or multi-rater profiles, and paper-based or online questionnaires. The profiles are offered as stand-alone instruments or as part of a class. Training courses are available in a variety of delivery formats to meet your company's specific needs. Learn about SOCIAL STYLEsm Courses

For more details of the types of programmes I can run for you, please contact me directly or follow this link to my main Social Style Website.