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SDI®  - Strength Deployment Inventory®

The SDI is a tool developed in the US by Dr. Elias H. Porter. The SDI® is a questionnaire created specifically to make the benefits of Relationship Awareness Theory available to everyone. You complete it by answering specific questions that look at the following 2 situations:

I have used it succesfully in team development, motivation training, sales training, and also in conflict resolution, to name a few, and because of it's accuracy and simplicity is a real joy to work with.


How I can help your organisation

Increased workload, increased stress, the net result is we are starting to see more conflict in organisations. I have been successfully diffusing conflict for years (If you have met my family you will know what I mean) In tandem with The SDI® which is great at looking at peoples individual conflict pattern i also use the Thomas Killman profile which focuses on the choices you make.

A great exercise which i use with the  SDI® is to look at the emails that people send to each other and their SDI® profile will help them recognise how to differentiate their emails for different people.

My personal tip is to always put the word "please" in an email, it costs nothing, but really aggravates me if it is missing.

For more details of the types of programmes I can run for you, please contact me directly

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