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Associate Training Opportunities

I have been training sales people and sales managers since 1996, when I left a successful sales career to move move into the sales training department at Yellow Pages. Since then I have trained and coached thousands of sales personnel and now sell and deliver my own sales training throughout the world.

I have trained in the UK, Europe, US and Asia and am able to adapt my style effectively to the relevant level of my audience from the most senior sales people to new starters. I train using the latest techniques in accelerated learning and like nothing more than linking my renumeration to an an end result.


What I Provide

My objective is to provide high quality sales consultancy that improves the way organisations work, which may or may not include Training and Development. The aim is always to achieve more in a number of the following ways;

My experience has shown me that many training programmes miss the mark because the training design is poorly done and the training does not engage the needs of the learners. This could be a problem from initially scoping the project itself, but on the whole much "so called" training is nothing more than a glorified presentation. As an instructional Designer My role is to put the learning together in such a way that it takes minimum time, delivers maximum return, is enjoyable, memorable and is at the right intellectual level for the audience. In effect people need to remember what they have learned and be able to apply it. To do this I use the latest techniques in Brain Based Learning (Accelerated Learning) and my experience designing training programmes, to create the most effective training programme possible.


I've been delivering and designing quality soft skills training for over a decade now and have gained a good degree of proficiency, that commands a sensible day rate. (The only word of warning is that I will not work for a few hundred pounds/dollars/euros a day - but I will get you results!)

If you are looking for someone for a short term training project, someone to provide consultancy in setting up or running a training department, or a global rollout of training programmes, please also contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you,