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Building an effective team

With the rise of project teams, flexible working, off shoring, flatter management structures there is a greater need for effective teamwork than ever before. I have run numerous team building activities, but always with a real practical work application. In terms of application this can focus on communication, recognising difference, the importance of planning and team roles to name a few.


Tips and Techniques

I have been on (not run personally of course) some really poor team development workshops. I have put together a help list to avoid anyone falling into a pit of despair when they go badly.

Team Development Workshops

You can follow the links above or below to see more details on the types of workshops I run. I am experienced and accredited, to use a number of different tools for my training workshops and events.


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MBTI® - Myers Briggs®

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TRACOM - Social Style®

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SDI® - Strength Deployment Inventory®

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MTa®- Construction Exercises

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