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Graham Price -  Qualified Practitioner

The worlds most widely used and heavily researched profiling tool. It can be a fantastic eye opener in coaching conversations and can create really healthy discussion around general communication in training workshops and in one to one coaching conversations.

I am a qualified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) consultant and I've had experience using the MBTI in the UK and throughout the US and Asia. It is one of the few tools that is truly universal and has subtle differences in the region specific versions that is available in multiple languages, which makes it great for an international workforce.


Working with the MBTI

MBTI is based around the work of Carl Jung and the profile itself is one part of identifying someone's "Best Fit Type", but should not be relied on entirely. It should be administered by a qualified practitioner, who has been trained in the UK by OPP in Oxford.

As a consultant who specialises in using a number of tools including MBTI, I find it extremely useful in opening dialogue around communication issues, whether this be in training sessions or for feedback on a one to one basis. By raising peoples self awareness of their own preferences and by working with them to realise the impact they can have on others, with different preferences, the results can be dramatic and immediate.

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Poor communication is cited as one of the biggest issues on most company satisfaction surveys yet few people will admit they could improve their communication skills. I find that working with the Myers Briggs preference tool, people start to realise their communication skills can be quickly and dramatically improved.

NOTE:The MBTI should never be used for Recruitment as people type preferences have no relation to the quality of the work they can produce so please be wary if someone asks you to do one for a job interview.

I can deliver MBTI training on a one to one basis or I run a number of specific workshops using MBTI, examples are:-

Please contact me if you wish to discuss how to use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to best effect in your organisation by email or by calling the numbers below for a free initial consultation.