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Do you need your staff to communicate more effectively?

The ability to communicate effectively is seen as one of the key competencies in business when it comes to managing staff and by far the most common reason for relationships breaking down at work. Fortunately it is one of the key skills that can be improved most quickly and dramatically.

If I was to sum up what I do across the spectrum of areas I work on the majority focusses around helping people and organisations communicate effectively. To this end I have developed a range of programmes to help people communicate and develop the skills to both listen and question effectively


How I can help your organisation

I run a number of in-house and open programmes on communication skills and have broken them down into the following key areas;

These all tackle, in a safe environment, various elements of communicating effectively and will also cover other key areas such as listening skills and understanding your own preferred communication style.

For more details of the types of programmes I can run for you, please contact me directly