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Leadership and Team Development Training Specialist

If you were to split hairs you could say “why have different pages on leadership and management”, are they not the same thing just rebadged? Personally I think there are some cornerstones and foundations to management, which need to be put in place before we focus on Leadership. Putting these in place at the start of a management career can fast forward the learning curve dramatically to create effective leaders.

I've been managing people and functions since I was 21, when I got my first promotion in the Armed Forces. Recognising that you may wear your rank on your sleeve, but it means nothing if you can't inspire people into effective action is the first lesson.


Addressing the Balance

I am always amazed at the sheer amount of money spent on developing front-line staff, compared to the fraction invariably spent on the manager who has the task of managing them, day to day. Any training I develop for front-line staff  will, ideally, be delivered in tandem with the management skills required to create the long lasting change that is required. A key area and competence for me is delivering an effective Introduction to Management containing the following elements:-

How to coach and train effectively

Getting the best out of your team by giving effective feedback and learning how to effectively develop the individuals who work for you in their role.

Developing your own management style playing to your strengths

know yourself before you try and understand others, especially in terms of what motivates you and what may motivate others.

Performance Management

The mechanics of hiring, developing and letting go whilst understanding the legal implications that will guide your approach..

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